Know the latest digital marketing trends

digital marketing trends

Digital marketing is an effective marketing strategy that cannot be ignored by any service provider or a business owner. At present, it has become hard to see businesses without an online presence. Most businesses have at least a social media page if not a functional website. If you have plans to adopt the latest Digital marketing trends in your business, you should consider approaching the top professionals. Let us review some of the top digital marketing developments for 2020.

Voice search: Digital marketing should start to focus on the voice search. There are several things you can perform to improve your website for voice search. One of the most important changes you should do is utilizing long-tail keywords such as how to prepare vegan brownies. Ignore using short keywords such as vegan brownies.

Immersive tech like VR and AR: Virtual reality or VR and augmented reality (AR) have been getting popular in the last few years. The best part is they are getting one of the popular marketing trends. It has been estimated that more than 100 million individuals will utilize AR to perform in-store and online shopping. AR has already been well utilized by top companies such as IKEA. It allows the customers to see how the furniture would look in their area before buying.

Shoppable posts: It is well known that social media plays a vital role in online marketing. Have you ever imagined how many individuals shop on social media? About 60% of Instagram audiences comment they find new items on Instagram. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have made it simple for business owners to sell their products on social media. By using social commerce, it is possible to connect with new customers, reduce the sales funnel, and shorten the purchase barriers.

Interactive content: At present, more than 90% of buyers look for interactive content. By the end of 2020, content marketing changes its focus to offer people what they require. Some of the best evidence of interactive content are polls, quizzes, 360-degree video, AR/VR, and shoppable posts.

Interactive content will also one of the best marketing trends for certain reasons like:
· Shareability improves brand awareness
· Contents are extremely shareable
· It offers visitors a motive to remain on the page
· If the content is original and new, it stands unique
· People love to share and interact

Social media apps: Certain social media applications like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger will not only be utilized for texting friends but also for connecting with customers. Messaging applications are always popular as customers find it simple and convenient to directly interact with companies. Moreover, it permits extremely personalized marketing. Businesses are utilizing messaging apps in the following ways:
· Offering customer support
· Regaining potential customers
· Inviting people to exhibitions, events
· Boosting sales
· Educating customers about products or business
· Building relationships and establishing contact

Think about how your business can utilize messaging applications in 2020.

Digital marketing is continuously evolving and developing. We have identified these ideas and tactics will remain as solid game-changers in 2020.